Sep 03
The perfect guide on cycling in Prague

The city of Prague offers excellent natural conditions for cycle tourism. The landscape is picturesque, and there are numerous natural beauties and historical monuments. A variety of cycling guides and maps are available on the market. Prague is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe. While the feet, the tram, and the […]

Aug 09
Madrid’s plans for becoming a cycling-friendly city

Cycling in the Spanish capital used to be rather dangerous. After a reconstruction of the infrastructure and an education program for motorists that has changed.

Apr 02
The best guided bike tours in Berlin

Personally, hiring a rental bike in Berlin is much more fun. You can cycle at your own pace and you can decide where the next bike tour takes you. But if you prefer to explore Berlin in a group on a bike, then one of the many guided bike tours through Berlin is recommended. Here’s […]

Mar 12
How to explore Vienna by rental bike

By bike you are on the move and yet slow enough to enjoy Vienna's sights. Vienna has over 1,300 km of cycle paths. Discover Vienna from your rental bike's saddle...

Feb 22
7 reasons why you’ll love cycling in Copenhagen

For several years now Copenhagen has been ranked as top biking citiy in the world. Here are 7 reasons why you should rent a bike in Copenhagen.

Feb 02
Free bike tours in Paris

Paris Rando Vélo organises free bike tours every Friday night and on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Feb 01
The Ultimate Guide to Bike Sharing in Berlin

Bike Sharing in Berlin with Jump, Donkey Republic or nextbike makes it super easy to rent a bike in Berlin. Here’s a comprehensive guide on all providers including hire tips.

Jan 25
Cycling rules for Copenhagen

What do I need to know before I start riding a bicycle in Copenhagen? Here are some tips when cycling in Copenhagen.

Jan 21
Thames Cultural Cycling Tour in London

The 27km self-guided Thames Cultural bike tour starts at the South Bank and follows the river Thames to Greenwich, Canary Wharf and the Tower of London.

Jan 20
Cycling in Paris

Although Paris doesn't seem to be a cycling city like Amsterdam, it can be a fun way to get around the city. With some tips and precautions you stay safe and are able to admire the City of Love.

Jan 18
Top 10 Tips for Bike Safety in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam is probably the most Dutch experience you will get. Read the following tips in order to keep safe safe before you hop on your rental bike.

Jan 15
Cycling tour through Berlin Mitte

A bike ride through Berlin's Old Town, along the Spree river to the Tiergarten park and back.