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Sep 03
The perfect guide on cycling in Prague

The city of Prague offers excellent natural conditions for cycle tourism. The landscape is picturesque, and there are numerous natural beauties and historical monuments. A variety of cycling guides and maps are available on the market. Prague is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe. While the feet, the tram, and the […]

Aug 09
Madrid’s plans for becoming a cycling-friendly city

Cycling in the Spanish capital used to be rather dangerous. After a reconstruction of the infrastructure and an education program for motorists that has changed.

Apr 02
The best guided bike tours in Berlin

Personally, hiring a rental bike in Berlin is much more fun. You can cycle at your own pace and you can decide where the next bike tour takes you. But if you prefer to explore Berlin in a group on a bike, then one of the many guided bike tours through Berlin is recommended. Here’s […]

Explore cities by bike

More and more cities are becoming popular for cyclists. There is hardly any better way than exploring the sights of a city on two wheels. Due to many well-developed bike paths, small side roads and sometimes flat topography, a rental bike is perfect for exploring cities.

Get around town on your own pace. Stop at little cafes or parks, cycle along little streets where no tourist comes by. That is the freedom of experiencing a city like Copenhagen, London or Berlin by bike. We are working on a comprehensive list of bike rentals around the world. You can easily search for your nearest bike rental and filter for special needs like tandem bikes, children’s seats or helmets. For us cycling is the perfect way of getting to know a city. You can avoid the crowds in the public transport and you are not dependent on schedules. Your rental bike is ready when you are. And if it rains there is for sure a nice cafe or restaurant within a short cycle distance. In all mayor cities it is easy to rent a bike. There are providers nearly on every corner. Prices for rental bikes vary from city to city and the amount of time you want to rent it.
Enjoy the uniqueness of cities, close and upfront from behind the handlebars of two-wheelers
Bikes have been serving as an amazing tool, from times immemorial, their uniqueness makes them a thrilling ride to wander on and helps in exploring a strange new city with all its charm and fascination with utmost comfort and ease. So, wake that fierce cycling enthusiast in you and ride along to enjoy the life as it deserves to be and contribute towards more livable, less traffic-congested cities and a cleaner and greener planet.

The vibrant street life, the mesmerizing tourist attractions, the savory food aroma and eccentric chatters of local languages makes it all in all a spell bounding sight to relish on a bike. Exploring the cities on a rental bikes makes it enjoyable in a sense that you immerse in the very moment instead of simply passing by passively. This new realization of bikes having countless benefits and immeasurable pleasures has given rise to biking trend in recent times. The ease of commuting, its affordability, beneficial aspects from the health point of view and above all experiencing the distinctive cultures and ideas in real time and in an immediate way has elevated the eminence of the bike to a greater extent.

It has its own fun & charm! Cherish it while you are on the go!
If you are in the magnificent cities of Vienna or Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid or Prague and want to cherish the very essence of their indigenous cultures from up close then rental bike is the only best option for you which will enable you to experience the incredible side of cities with utmost precision and exactitude, which being an otherwise impossible thing from behind the window glass of a car. A car won’t exactly let you mingle in and interact with locals like you would while on a bike.

Touches the mind and the soul…
A rental bike will also let you cherish the strikingly beautiful sites, architectural ensembles and cultural locates at your own ease and pace. As you cycle through a city you get to explore the food culture, its art galleries, historically rich museums, enduring monuments, and varied antiquities. Sightseeing on a rental bike also means reaching the destination faster and without having to worry about locating the parking lot while easily dismounting when and where desired.