Find guided bike tours in Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam by bike

The best way to get to know Amsterdam is by rental bike. Experience the city like a true Amsterdammer. Furthermore it is also a very efficient way to get around Amsterdam and gives you the chance to see a lot of the city. Amsterdam offers an excellent network of bike lanes and it is also very flat. Amsterdam is well known as the most bicycle-friendly city in the world!

Some would say the perfect way to truly experience the city of Amsterdam is by bicycle. Although there are a lot of dedicated cycle paths in the city, you are requested to push your rental bike on crowded streets and pedestrian zones. Cyclists are well respected on the streets and locals and tourists alike are used to bikes being parked everywhere. It is also a nice photo option. All of this makes cycling an easy and safe way of getting around Amsterdam. Get yourself a rental bike and explore the canals and side streets. A number of bike rentals companies in Amsterdam offer bikes from € 9 per day, including discounts for longer rentals. Find your nearest bike rental here.

Rental bikes are a great way to get around Amsterdam. The city offers about 4,000 kilometers of bike lanes. Welcome to the cycling capital of the world! No city is more famous for catering for the most efficient human-powered vehicle there is; the humble bicycle. Making around 60% of trips on a bicycle, the people of Amsterdam of all ages and backgrounds can be seen to be commuting, shopping, working, and generally living their lives on their bikes, even moving house!

While most residents of the city will likely have a privately owned cycle (over a million!), many also rent a bike, and visitors do not have to feel like they missing out on the fun, since rental bike Amsterdam services are easy to use, plentiful, accessible, safe and cheap at multiple locations all over the city. Public or private bicycle tours are also available to take at your own pace, although the city is so flat, that running out of puff halfway up a hill isn’t something you will probably have to worry about happening. Different types of bikes can be rented. Feeling sporty? Perhaps not. That’s OK, single speed “Granny Bikes” are one of the more popular types, just remember that in order to brake, you’ll have to pedal backwards!

Rent a bike in Amsterdam for the fastest, and most enjoyable fun way to explore the city. Don’t miss the museums at the Museumplein, featuring the impressive Rijksmuseum, the evocative Van Gogh Museum or the Stedelijk Museum, and then perhaps catch a concert at the Concertgebouw in the evening. Take in the fresh, relaxing and floral open spaces like the Vondelpark with its many ponds and rich history. If you’re seeking a little more action, the Zoo is always guaranteed to be lively. For a more sombre experience learn about the live and tribulations of Anne Frank and her family at Anne Frank House for a truly unforgettable and sober reminder of events past.

Navigate around the canal network, dating from the 17th century, with thousands of bridges, old and new, and nearly 100 islands in between. Visit the shopping district and take in the Heineken Experience for a well earned refreshment. Don’t drink too much though, as riding while drunk is still illegal! For bike rental Amsterdam is likely safer than you think. Compared to most major cities, cycling is far safer in Amsterdam. The city caters well for cycling, with segregated lanes and signs and traffic signals, all designed to keep bikes moving and separate from road traffic. We hope you’ll rent a bike in Amsterdam soon, and see for yourself what the city has to offer