Find guided bike tours in Barcelona

Explore Barcelona by bike

The sunny and mild climate together with the more than 160 kms of flat bike paths form Barcelona to a perfect city for exploring the city by bicycle. A rental bike gives you the chance to see more as if you were walking. Discovering hidden gems, small alleys or places by bike guarantee an unforgettable experience during your visit to Barcelona.

The enchanting alleys in the Gothic Quarter, the beaches, Park Güell or the beautifull Sagrada Familia are just a few sights you can easily explore by the pace of your own rental bike in Barcelona. Go see the city by bicycle! Find a rent a bike shop near you on our website and you’ll have a fun and exciting experience during your own bike tour. Enjoy Barcelona like a local cycling through the streets. Discover the highlights such as La Pedrera, Casa Batllo, the Columbus monument, Barceloneta or Arc de Triumph.

Make a break for some neat tapas in the Gothic Quarter or bring swim cloths and a towel, because the next beach is just a short cycle ride away. You can adjust your bike tour through Barcelona according to your needs and interests. Be your own tour guide. You can also hire an electric bike all the way up to mount Montjuic. Here you can explore the castle, the numerous flower gardens or the Olympic complex.

Bike Rental Experience in Barcelona

The city offers its visitors an array of things ranging from vibrant streets that make it the energetic place for monuments. The city also offers a perfect bike rental Barcelona and a mix of urban city and beach as well as plenty of history, culture and architecture.

For this reason, most individuals pay a visit to this city during the summer holidays to rent a bike in Barcelona. If you have never been to this great city for bike rental Barcelona, it can be difficult for you to decide what to see and where to go. Taking a bike spin in this city can be intimidating especially when you are a beginner, but you do not have to worry since most stretches on the routes have designated bike lanes.

Why Cycling in Barcelona is Fun

The local authorities at the city have been taking the problem of environmental pollution seriously. That is the main reason as to why they have been emphasizing on the use of bicycles for both local residents and tourists. With this in mind, the concerned authorities have initiated the establishment and use of bicycle lanes for those planning to rent a bike in Barcelona. The lanes have been established in different parts and routes of the city. This move makes bike rental Barcelona an enjoyable event.

There are several bike lanes which are connecting different parts of Barcelona while covering most sights in the city. The bike lanes allow bike riders to conveniently manoeuvre through the city while enjoying various tourists in Barcelona. Beside the bike lanes, you will also enjoy different types of bike tours. Several rental bike Barcelona companies usually organize different types of tours in the city to meet the unique requirements and needs of different kinds of tourists. There is also public biking systems and biking stations all over and across different parts of Barcelona.

What You Can See Along the Way as You Ride

While riding along Barcelona routes such as Diagonal, Ciutat Vella and the Montjuic, you will be able to see different types of tourist attractions. This attraction sites not only make your bike ride a memorable event but also makes you feel much better about your bike ride experience. When you rent a bike in Barcelona, you will also be able to see vibrant streets, sea and monuments that make the city a great place for bike riding.

How easy it is to find a Bike Rental in Barcelona

It is easy to find a rental bike Barcelona since various companies are offering these services. In addition, there are different types of bikes you can choose from. Also, the government has sponsored bike programs to most bike rental companies that provide hourly and daily tours around the city.