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Explore Copenhagen by bike

Copenhagen offers a variety of perfect cycling conditions, such as short distances, flat terrain and dense urban proximities. Furthermore there is a huge and well-designed system of bike lanes. This has earned the city a reputation as the most—bicycle-friendly city in the world. That means, whether snow or shine, you’ll see heaps of locals cycling from A to B. If you’re visiting Copenhagen you should definitely get yourself a rental bike. Riding a bike here  gives you the chance to get around quickly and cheaply. A variety of bike rentals throughout the city offer bikes in all shapes and sizes to tourists and cycle lovers. You may also explore Copenhagen in a stylish cargo bike with your kids.

Be more touristy than you ever were… Rent a Bike and enjoy the uniqueness of Copenhagen at your own pace!

Undergoing a tremendous revolutionary phase, Copenhagen transformed itself into an ever progressive and developmental state. The now culturally rich and economically sound city has multifaceted features to offer which also has the accolade of being called as one of the world’s best cycling city. Each part of Denmark’s capital has a touch of uniqueness and exclusivity to itself and you definitely don’t want to miss the distinctiveness of this beautiful city from behind the handlebars of a rental bike. 

Crowning Copenhagen with the title of being a cycle-friendly city…

In an urge to be carbon neutral by 2025, Copenhagen had been a pioneer in introducing car-free days, cutting down on parking spaces and encouraging the use of bikes for a cleaner and greener planet. The recent findings also suggest that cycling is the most preferred mode of transportation by the locals of Copenhagen. According to estimates, 62% of the residents choose to bike within the city. That’s quite a figure, isn’t it? So in order to contribute towards their noble cause, act like a true Copenhagener, rent a bike in Copenhagen and indulge in the adventure of biking while you explore the city and enjoy the green pastures and cool breeze along the way. If you have a craze for racing bikes or prefer a family bike or even an electric one you can get it without any hassle in Copenhagen, after all, it’s called a city of cycling, remember?

The magnificence of Copenhagen…

There are numerous attraction sights in Copenhagen, giving a hint of extra charm to the city and one among them is Copenhagen’s world-famous Tivoli Gardens. Enjoy unlimited bike rides by renting one from a bike rental close to your locality, and swift through park’s beautiful gardens and stop for refreshments at a café. Celebrate the city’s rich heritage and cultural aura by visiting Frederiksberg, while idling along lawns, lakes and secret woods, or ride towards the Nyhavn canal and cherish as you see the barges sail by or head towards commune of Christiania which is a living example of an anti-establishment movement that led to the creation of an entirely new neighborhood in Copenhagen.

The historic landmarks, interesting sights, and monumental buildings have so much to offer that you certainly want to saddle around the city freely on your rental bike while discovering each part of Copenhagen on your own and at your own pace. Rent a bike now and start cherishing your stay in, what they call as “Wonderful Copenhagen”. Ignite the adventurous side of you & Explore the city on two-wheelers