Find guided bike tours in Edinburgh

Bike Rental in Edinburgh

One of the best ways of exploring Edinburgh City is by bicycle. The city provides a bike-friendly environment and most residents, tourists and visitors prefer to use the two-wheel mode of transport. Motorists in the city are tolerant of bike cyclists, and there are many companies offering the rental bike in Edinburgh services. Currently, there is a cycling festival in Edinburgh City that is normally held for ten days in June. This festival is held to complement other festivals that take place in the city.

There are good cycling lanes in the entire city that helps you to move around while enjoying your ride freely. In the compact city centre, bike cycling is much faster than a car. Though Edinburgh City has efficient bus services, this cannot provide the much-needed flexibility and freedom that cycling can offer. The city is just amazing for bike cycles with the exception of climbing up the castle, gradients here demand less than you might think of. While riding your bike, a bigger turnoff that you might find is in the Cobbled streets. The turn-off can easily rattle the cyclist or shake the bike if you are not keen. But, the good thing is that they are confined to small city areas, and you can avoid them with little planning.

Why is Cycling in Edinburgh City so Fun

Cycling in Edinburgh City has been fun and enjoyable. In the city, you will find various tour guide companies with planned cycling routes that will help you explore most of its parts and the surrounding. While cycling, you will be able to see various parts of the City’s coastline and parks along the way. Most of the tour guide companies in Edinburgh City have small groups of cycling experts who will request to ride together with you along a network of quiet roads and cycle tracks. You will have an informative and fun tour from the tour experts since they have the local knowledge and experience of the city. Also, you can book and enjoy private bike tours together with your family or friends.

Edinburgh City has many, interesting and safe cycling routes that can be used and enjoyed by everybody regardless of the gender and age. They range from former railway lines, off-street paths to sea view walkways. This means that they have many cycling routes to suit most abilities. The most popular cycling paths in the city include Holyrood Park that is a well-surfaced cycling road that provides remarkable cityscape views to its users. The Water of Leith is another route to a picturesque spot that is suitable for gentle cycling. The town is also well known for its natural heritage that will enhance your cycling experience. If you are a nature lover, you will have to enjoy flora and fauna around the city. Forget about the cycling experience and the fantastic cycling routes there are plenty of restaurants in the town. After the ride, you can enjoy yourself in one of the fancy and excellent restaurants.

What You Can See Along the Way

If you are planning to rent a bike in Edinburgh, the city has much to offer. Apart from the roads, cycle tracks, street paths, and railway lines, you will be able to enjoy the scene around the cycling routes. Along the routes, you can enjoy various idyllic spots and relaxing time fishing. Also, you will enjoy the nature and the attractiveness of the view. The paths lead to exciting scenes and areas such as the famous Dean Gallery and or the Modern Art Gallery that is along The Water of Leith route. If you do not want to go far from the city, you can visit the centre where you will see the Royal Botanic Garden. It contains a variety of plants which exist since the Mesozoic Era. Along the way, you will also see amazing physical features such as Arthur’s Seat that is an old volcano. When riding along the Braid Burn, the route will take you to some beautiful places which include Duddingston where you can relax and enjoy.

You will also see the Scottish National Gallery of current art along the route. There are various historical monuments along the cycling routes such as Scott Monument. The Edinburgh castle is a must-see monument. It will provide you with an opportunity to see the well-known stone of destiny and the crown jewels that are used in the process of coronation.

Finding a Bike Rental in Edinburgh City

With the increase in demand for bike rental services, many companies are offering these services. You will get a bike that suits your unique needs and requirements. There is a wide range of bicycle machines available across the city which include the speed city bikes or the hybrids, the speed lightweight route bikes, and the Brampton folding bikes. If you are planning to rent a bike in Edinburgh City, you should know that they are available in different sizes, prices, and rates. The bike hiring price includes a repair kit, helmet, pump, and lock. Make sure you check if you have these items before going for your tour.