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Explore London by bike

Enjoy London from a different perspective. Rent a bike and cycle along river Thames to the popular sights across the city. A self-guided bike ride lets you enjoy sightseeing in a fun way. Hire a city bike, tandem or cargo bike and experience London’s attractions and landmarks at your very own pace. Cycle along the iconic London sights from the Southbank to London Eye and Big Ben, go on to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Or how about a bike tour through London’s dazzling West End, on to Covent Garden, Chinatown and the famous Carnaby Street.

Cycling in London has become more and more popular among locals and tourists alike. The city is in good shape for cyclists. There are fantastic bike routes throughout the city. As a cyclist you are even allowed to cycle along bus lanes. London’s Royal Parks and bike paths at the Thames are popular routes for cyclists. Rent a bike in London and have a picnic in Hyde Park. A perfect way to enjoy London to the fullest. Whether you’re in London for work or pleasure, cycling is the perfect way of transport. Find a bike rental in London here. London is pretty flat. So you don’t get too exhausted riding around town. Furthermore other vehicles are used to share the road with cyclists, plus many roads have designated cycle paths. But it is always necessary to be cautious while cycling in London and to pay full attention at road junctions.

Urban cycling is fast becoming a big deal in London. The number of cyclists coursing through London’s streets has shot up in recent times and for obvious reasons. Some of which stem from how easy it has become to access almost any area of this culture-rich city on a bike. With a bike in London, no street is left untouched. It is also important to note how various cycling events and competitions are becoming a regular in England’s capital. To facilitate London’s rising urban cycling culture, eight Cycle Superhighways and seven Quietways whose routes are disconnected from the city’s very busy traffic or on less busy streets away from main roads, have been built to connect the city while ensuring that cyclists can safely move from one area to another. Gradually, cycling is becoming a valued means of transportation in London and this is really good for locals as they go about their day to day activities.

Along with this development, is the increase of bike rentals in London. This is particularly good news for tourists and visitors who are looking to explore London’s historical sights and culture. And what best way to do so if not via biking through the city. On two wheels, you don’t miss any part of the city, well! unless you decide to skip some parts. Rent a bike as you set out on an explorative journey of this fine city to discover remarkable places and views. The juicy part of renting a bike in London offers you the chance to enjoy all of London’s grandeur at your own pace. As you cycle through, you’ll be treated to sights like National History Museum, The London Dungeon, The London Eye which makes for a beautiful view at sunset, Buckingham Palace, lions of Trafalgar Square. If you’re artsy, trips to National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, and Institute of Contemporary Arts would surely leave you feeling great.

Science inclined tourists and visitors and even locals would be fascinated by the many wonders with places like SEA LIFE Aquarium and the Science Museum, hold. You can stop for a picnic at Hyde Park or St James Park. Kensington Gardens is also quite serene if you’re looking to absorb nature from London’s standpoint. The places to see are innumerable but not to worry; the many bike rentals in London are available and readily accessible online. You can even rent a bike from the comfort of your home. All you would be needing is a good phone and data and voila, you can rent a bike to enjoy the many wonders the city of London holds for you.