7 reasons why you’ll love cycling in Copenhagen

For several years now Copenhagen has been ranked as top biking citiy in the world. Half of the Copenhageners are  cycling every day. Here are 7 reasons why you should rent a bike in Copenhagen and just do as the locals do.

#1 More bikes than cars
The amount of bikes in Copenhagen surpassed the amount of cars last year. A perfect situation for cycling through the city.

cycling in Copenhagen

#2 Cycle highways
Copenhagen is one of only a few cities that have dedicated cycling highways.

#3 You can easily find hidden gems
Renting a bike and cycling through wodnerful Copenhagen lets you explore the places that are not so easy to reach by foot or public transport. For example Kalvebod Fælled, a sprawling green area just outside CPH.

#4 Rental bikes everywhere
Finding a rental bike is pretty easy. You can find some bike rentals in Copenhagen listed on our website.

cycling in Copenhagen

#5 Proper bike lanes
How cool is this bike lane? Ok, not every bike lane in Copenhagen is as unique as this, but the city offers nearly 300 miles of expressways for cyclists.

#6 Cargo bikes
Denmark is famous for their cargo bikes allowing families to get from A to B. Some bike rentals also have cargo bikes in stock, so you can explore the city like a local and carry your shopping bagsin the trunk.

cycling in Copenhagen

#7 Bridges
Copenhagen offer a lot of bridges and some of them are only for bikes and pedestrian. Just like the famous Circle Bridge above.

Need a bike? Find a bike rental in Copenhagen.

Experience Copenhagen

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