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Feb 01
The Ultimate Guide to Bike Sharing in Berlin

Bike Sharing in Berlin with Jump, Donkey Republic or nextbike makes it super easy to rent a bike in Berlin. Here’s a comprehensive guide on all providers including hire tips.

Jan 25
Cycling rules for Copenhagen

What do I need to know before I start riding a bicycle in Copenhagen? Here are some tips when cycling in Copenhagen.

Jan 20
Cycling in Paris

Although Paris doesn't seem to be a cycling city like Amsterdam, it can be a fun way to get around the city. With some tips and precautions you stay safe and are able to admire the City of Love.

Jan 18
Top 10 Tips for Bike Safety in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam is probably the most Dutch experience you will get. Read the following tips in order to keep safe safe before you hop on your rental bike.

Jan 14
Cycling in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers a variety of perfect cycling conditions, such as short distances, flat terrain and dense urban proximities.