Find guided bike tours in Madrid

Explore Madrid by bike

Who doesn’t want to roam freely, enjoy the cool breeze and direct sunlight while also witnessing the wonderful locations along the way up-close and upfront? Well, the bike is one such means which happens to be the ancient most mode of transportation while also being the most useful and handy at the same time. Its ecological aspects, as well as the feature of physical exercise, make it an ever wonderful vehicle to roam around on. Whereas roaming around in Madrid on a two-wheeler is a delightful opportunity in itself.

Rent and Ride in the suburbs of Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is the epitome of elegance and grace, hosting many significant landmarks. It is a city narrating Madrid’s exotic history, featuring architectural ensembles, depicting it’s mysterious attributes and displaying rich repositories of art spread across every corner of the city. Its brilliance and magnificence makes it a desirable city to be explored and that too on a two-wheeler rental bike. A bike gives you a chance to explore the city, take a quick glance around and cherish the wonders it has to offer while also remaining healthy and keeping the environment clean.

Embracing the epic cycling culture

All the way up from cycle to motorbike to car and further up to luxurious cars, we are back again to the wondeful culture of cycling. The Madrileños have now embraced the very culture and thus spread the network of bike lanes throughout the city. Now it’s so much easier to peek past the beautifully manicured Retiro park which presents a picturesque lake and crystal palace along with many other features to relish on. Next up is the Prado, one of the most famous museums of the world depicting the history of Madrid through its antiquity.

While exploring the city on a rental bike in Madrid, you will see the landmarks such as Royal Palace of Madrid, the Royal Theatre, the Golden Triangle of Art which comprises of three art museums including the famous Reina Sofia, Prado and the Modern art museum. Whereas the monumental symbols of city Cibeles Palace and Fountain are a must see as you peddle past the city’s grandeur structures.

Whether you are a fan of football or not but you sure must have heard about the Real Madrid which is Europe’s most successful football team, so you definitely should bike towards the gigantic 85,000 seater Bernabeu stadium and take a  panoramic view of the tremendous stadium.

The other places that shouldn’t be missed at any cost are the Almudena Cathedral, Plaza de Oriente, Palacio de la Opera, Puerta del Sol, and so much more and you will also see the statue of the Bear as well as the famous symbol of Madrid which is the Strawberry Tree   along the way.

The city of Madrid has so much to offer and the perfect way to discover it’s splendour is through biking on its smooth tracks and rough terrains. The adventurous visit will be worth that of while. So rent a bike now and enjoy your visit to the fullest.