Find guided bike tours in Lisbon

Explore Lisbon by bike

Embark on an intrepid journey of adventure, amusement and fun on a rental bike and have an experience of a lifetime in the charming city of Lisbon.

Switch on your adventurous mode and witness the brilliance of Lisbon on a rental bike

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is regarded as an alpha level global city owing to its importance in the field of finance, art, entertainment, media and tourism. The city is an all-rounder when it comes to wonderful locations, savoury food, pleasant weather, loving people and a mixed round of activities that are carried out all year long. So a brilliant way to explore the awesomeness of the city is by renting a bike and wandering around in the historic centre of Lisbon with a sense of freedom and extreme joy.

The unsurpassed benefits of biking around

The excitement and freedom that a rental bike in Lisbon can give are unparalleled to any other mode of transportation. You actually get to witness the city in real time and real place. There are no restrictions like those that you face in a car or bus. You get to feel the nature, meet locals, enjoy the epic sceneries, move around at your own pace and reduce environmental pollution.

A bike is also ideal for avoiding the busy roads of the city thus keeping you off from the hassle of parking or waiting in the long-queued stuck up traffic. It also suits your budget and most of all keeps you fit and healthy. So make the most of your vacation by renting a bike in Lisbon and enjoy your stay to the fullest owing to the wide-ranging benefits a bike has to offer.

Explore the awesomeness of Lisbon

Lisbon is packed with interesting places and has an exotic history dating back to Roman imperialist, Berber pirates and Moorish builders. The museums, palaces and heritage sites are a standing witness of the historical background of Lisbon. Torre de Belém is one such landmark which serves as the iconic feature of the city. You can also cycle all the way up to the oldest part of the city, Alfama District and would be absolutely thrilled to see the old buildings and ancient sites.


Next, raise your spirits and hop on your two-wheeler to visit the national tile museum, a place to see the ability of Lisbon in craftsmanship in ceramics. The other visible landmarks of Lisbon includes St. George’s castle, Monastery of Jerónimos, the huge Lisbon Oceanarium, the National Museum of Ancient Art which is Portugal’s prestigious national art collection locate as well as the famous flea market. Whereas for witnessing the nightlife visit Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré.

And the list could go on and on. So simply rent a bike, tap into your crazy mode and head straight to explore the city’s marvellous sceneries and spell bounding locates! You will be delighted so that you opted for the most fun means of transportation to wander around the epic city of Lisbon.